The Reflection Of My Soul


Tattooed on brown skin she tells the story
the reflection of her soul
She weeps
She cries
constricted by society and those who speak lies
she weeps
she cries for what she’s lost
damage done to the deepest part of her soul
She will not conform or entertain your lies
she speaks of pain that she’s witnessed with her eyes
They bleed
they cry
showing what’s truly inside
it’s the reflection of her soul
Constricted with life’s sorrow and pain
Beneath her smiling eyes
beneath the facade she wears
there is the true reflection of her broken soul
She can no longer trust
afraid to love
fear of giving herself over to someone
she languishes between heaven and hell
purgatory is where her soul dwells
She no longer believes
life has taught her well
not to trust the lips that speak the eyes that see her
nor the words they speak
Her soul knows very well
the hurt they dished
the lies they spoke
the things they’ve done
they raped her soul
This tattoo tells the story
it’s the reflection of my soul


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