Passion Vs. Logic……

The realization that you
were never good for me

gave me what I needed to push
you away from my mind

delete your name from my mouth
and wash you from my skin.

It was passion vs. logic and logic won.

© All rights reserved 2017



Our temples are not for you to
cum and prey.

It is not here for us to bless
you and exorcise your demons.

Our temples are not for you to
enter and beg to be baptized in the
sweetness of our milk and honey.

It is not a place for you to come
and rest, plant yourselves in our wombs
until you regain your strength and leave.

Our temples aren’t here to be taken from,
disrespected, robbed from and nothing but hurt

repaid for having the audacity to believe that
when you said you loved us….we believed it!

© All rights reserved 2017