Just say it…..

All the truth you refuse to speak to me
you’ve already said by not doing
all the things you used to…..

© All rights reserved 2018

–Evy Sutton–


Is there a science to letting go?
An equation, a formula to how much
we can carry on our backs
under our tongues and
in the pit of our stomachs
before we lose ourselves?

Please tell me the science to
letting go before we break
before we split ourselves
in half for love.

Is there a science to letting go?

© All rights reserved 2018

What he lost…..

On days he contemplated slitting his wrists and bleeding his pain away on the bathroom floor; he whispered silent prayers begging for love beyond the superficial, silently praying for unconditional healing love.

And the universe answered his prayers and gave birth to this woman it had held within the stars and constellations in the shade of the moon.

He held the most precious being in his arms but not knowing how to receive her love and give love he lost her forever.

© All rights reserved 2018