Thoughts of a broken soul……..

I always draw the hurting to me. I become their healer and soon they become my past.

On sure days I am confident and whole without the need for affection from the lips of men who only admire the giving part of me, the healing part of me.

On days that aren’t filled with melodies of peaceful tunes I question if anyone is capable of loving me.

On sad days I question my sanity and if I truly delight in painful things.

© All rights reserved 2017


Even Titans Fall

Written by: Jon T.Conklin

Sometimes even brick-and-mortar crumble.

Even the strongest sometimes stumble.

Sometimes even Titans fall down. sometimes even Titans fall down.

Sometimes walls are too tall to climb.

Some days are just as tough.

Sometimes we catch ourselves and sometimes it’s just a loss.

Sometimes even Titans fall down
sometimes even Titans fall down.

Some days you have no words and you’re the only one that understands. And sometimes on your feet is where you land.

Sometimes even Titans fall down sometimes even Titans fall down

© All rights reserved 2017

The Art of Addiction

Poem written by Jon T. Conklin

I push things to the limit.
You sit back and watch,
you act surprised.

There’s no stopping
There’s no reprieve

You turn your head and leave.
You say I disappoint you but I’m not the only one.

It’s easy for you to give advice but it’s not you with this Vice.

So take my words with a grain of salt and know that it’s not your fault nor mine.

© All rights reserved 2017