What he lost…..

On days he contemplated slitting his wrists and bleeding his pain away on the bathroom floor; he whispered silent prayers begging for love beyond the superficial, silently praying for unconditional healing love.

And the universe answered his prayers and gave birth to this woman it had held within the stars and constellations in the shade of the moon.

He held the most precious being in his arms but not knowing how to receive her love and give love he lost her forever.

© All rights reserved 2018


When I Knew……

I knew it was over when dread found its way in my chest slinked and tightened around my waist and crawled down my spine; my body stiffening at the sight of you crossing the threshold.

I knew it was over when my mind began rehearsing the fake smiles of welcome at the sight of your face.

I knew it was over when relief swelled within me when you left and the anxiety would build at the thought of your return.

I knew it was over when your mood swings brought back a familiar feeling of pain as a girl having to walk on eggshells.

And that’s when you had fully became the him of my past and I knew I could never stay and entertain the living dead that resided in you.

© All rights reserved 2017

The Wind Doesn’t Change……

Written by: Jon T.Conklin & Evy Sutton

I’m living in a house full of
People, yet I feel alone.

Invisible, I am a man unto myself
carrying torturing thoughts. I retreat within to find the other half of me, the part lost.

My mind won’t stop; it’s in 5th gear as my thoughts won’t stop; they’re in 7th Gear and my body falls behind my fractured mind.

I dwell in the past obsessing over the things I can’t change; suffering in between, stuck in limbo seeking knocking and screaming change to dead ears who choose not to hear the cries of the lonely part of me.

As I silently beg to find my former self sometimes I think it’s not meant to be like a bad idea and no redo’s—- the only thing I have is this cracked soul that must move in.

I’m here I’ve made it this far maybe just maybe I’ll manage to do more than just survive.

© All rights reserved 2017

There’s nothing to miss….

I never thought you would murder me.
Stab me to death with hurtful words
and watch me bleed out then blame me
for the slaughter.

Why do you assume I’ll miss you
when you’re gone? I’m the one that
cut you away.

I washed you from my skin, let that
part of me slip away down the drain. And she will never find me again.

You never miss what was killing
and smothering you to death.

© All rights reserved 2017