The truth is stranger than fiction….

Why do you keep looking for validation in the arms of men who hate the wombs that gave them life and curse the breasts they suckled sweet milk from?

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Most promises are lies disguised
as intent. They are the things
of legend. Legends give way to myth
and myths are fairy tales to give hope of the promises they never
intended to keep.

Beware of speech seasoned with
almost words of love.

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Baptized in fire…….

The ending of a relationship comes and you tell
yourself that it was you that couldn’t make it
work, couldn’t stick it out. But then you remember
there’s two in the tango. Two people dancing a complicated
dance—a dance that didn’t end in some beautiful twisting
of bodies, entangled like the roots of trees
but a horrible display of disaster before friends, family and
those between. It isn’t the image you display before everyone
else; instead it is what you’ve become behind closed doors.
The real thing that no one witnesses…the pulling away from each
other; replaying every way it went wrong and trying to hold it together
without losing you in the process of it all.
The truth is….you’ll lose yourself…you will shed the old you….the old
life…and you will emerge different and forever changed. For better, for worse
you have changed……

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