Righteous Anger……

Even the ocean carries its
anger to the shores in crushing

Why do you expect us to quell
the deep fire and burn of injustice
with closed mouths….just to suit you?

© All rights reserved 2017


11 thoughts on “Righteous Anger……

      1. Awesome! I’ve actually been thinking about pushing for a collaborative effort by black poets on wordpress…imagine one massive poem relaying all messages associated with marginalization, racism, injustice e.t.c

        I’ve seen poets collaborate in the #PoetsForPeace campaign and I think doing something similar for our people would go a long way 🙂 Let me know what you think, just a thought

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      2. I’m all in! I’m excited just thinking about it. I’ve always struggled with main stream poetry. And when I say main stream, I’m referring to the modern day poets that do not in any way reflect the world that I live in, very few people of color are featured. My concern is for our sons and daughters to know they have a platform and they have a voice that people are actively searching out to read and to hear. They need to know that WE ARE HERE!

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