Mirror mirror on the wall…..

On those days I want to curse
the mirror for its reflection

I remind myself that without
hesitation I peeled away my

skin, slipped out of it for you
and stitched myself back together

with the threads of self hate
my feet were a journey of sadness

I was lost under the weight
of your disapproving eyes

treated as nothing more than
a footnote on the pages of

your book, and I am no longer
asking permission to love myself

© All rights reserved 2017


6 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall…..

  1. Tidy or untidy in the mirror, a pretty woman is pretty and mischievous in her mind and a mind of someone else who cares. It’s he who is near she can easily fix herself for and who she is near to in mind. I thought how tell it to the woman in your poem to comfort and entertain her, but you are surely to know her better. Mirror reflects a look and a feeling and at a certain moment. Let her have a look in it after she reads this. ~


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