Falling in love….

When he connected the stars to
her universe she wanted to
be the galaxy that held his.

© All rights reserved 2017


14 thoughts on “Falling in love….

      1. I’m catching up on all the entries I have missed the past few months. Life has been a bit too fast paced. I have much to read from you, looking forward to it.

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      1. It’s always a fight in my mind, if I should. We open ourselves up to praise and critique. The what if no one likes what you put your heart and soul into. But, I remind myself, everyone has their own stories to tell in their own way. Some will get it and some won’t and that’s ok. I’m here for those that need to hear what they’ve been afraid to say or put down. You keep writing, I enjoy your blog, you have alot of passion and much to say. I’m listening.

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