Letting go…..

When those songs become weary and worrisome
soul draining and lifting nothing but

instead drowning and sucking the life
from you and you ask yourself what happened

to the honey and silk that their name used
to be wrapped in when it fell and tumbled

out of your mouth dripping with love
dripping with lust, it’s okay to walk away.

© All rights reserved 2017



They think of us as delicate flowers
wilting under cloudless skies
thirsting for drops of water
from their hands.
They marvel at the way flowers
fold out of our mouths after
they have tasted and swallowed
the hate forced down our throats.
They didn’t know, that we are the rain.

© All rights reserved 2017


With her sweet cream still coating the back of
his throat, here he comes

to wash your feet with wet regrets
begging forgiveness, begging you

to forget that he came alive between
silken thighs that weren’t yours.

His promises are hollow words from
soulless lips. Your face hurts

from smiling too much and too hard
from the anxiety burning in your chest.

Regurgitating those prior promises, those
carefully constructed lies

you curse your heart, you curse your weakness
and you chew on those empty hollow words

from soulless lips swimming in your mouth
and you swallow.

© All rights reserved 2017

I Know…..

I know…
You wrote his name on the inside of your thighs,
hid his kisses underneath your breast.

I know…
You caught freedom in the air and
carried it in your lungs for him.

I know..
You tattooed his lips on your skin and
branded his dreams as your own.

I know…
You thought that his aching trembling
lips where for you only, that you
were more than enough to keep him sated.

I know…
You were too much love for him to fathom!

© All rights reserved 2017