And this is why people can’t stop offering
themselves as a sacrifice to love…

It is drops of water turning into waterfalls
a wakefulness in the part of
your soul you never knew existed

It is consciousness poured
through you and over you
a mix of bittersweet wine

Love is confining and freeing
mercy and grace
a fusion of spices dancing on your tongue…

© All rights reserved 2016


When sleep comes and your breathing
is deep and heavy with throaty moans

I search your lips, looking behind
the lines hoping to find the

“You’re fucking gorgeous”
“I love you, even the crazy parts”
“If I ever lost you, I’d die”

But all I see are the criticisms
you replaced them with

© All rights reserved 2016

No longer available….

You are
Chaos on peaceful days.
Pain on late nights.
You only call when the
voices in your head
are louder than your own.
Intimate with misery
fighting for the crumbs of
your sanity you love the darkness
and I love the light.
Still I tried to meet you in
the dusk and right before dawn.
But you refused to meet me half way so
I had to move on.

© All rights reserved 2016

Do You Wonder…….

Do you wonder why he blames you
for the music you play, as if you
have the power to silence others
from hearing your songs?

Do you wonder why he blames you for
the light that you cast, as if you
can make others blind?

Do you wonder why he wants you to
blanket yourself, mute your voice,
hide your smile, and curse your laugh?

It’s because he hates how much you shine!

© All rights reserved 2016