He placed a choker of diamonds
around her neck, littered her
heart with trash and called it love…12019823_10205847956852426_6080998052940420006_n

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She was a burnt house
carrying the charred remains
Of blackened memories

Roaming soot coated hallways
Where the fire of his unbridled
fierce hate licked the walls

Those words etched into her bones..

“You’re a fucking miserable bitch..a fucking horrible mother and your kids fucking hate you”

they cinched tight around her waist
slowly taking her breath

He was the monster that killed her with a thousand lashings of his tongue.

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It is….

It is the sway in my hips
the way I lick my lips
the curve in my smile
the hidden passion in my eyes

Do you imagine how I taste
finger licking goodness hanging around your waist?

Do you imagine the softness of my golden thighs?
It is my Lotus flower bomb that will make you high

It is the curve in my back
the toss of my hair
the pout of my lips
and my mesmerizing stare

It is the rise of my breasts
the curve of my neck
the fire in my veins
and the spark that I emit

It is the sweetness you crave
in oh so many ways….

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Be careful of the cups you drink from….
those offered in golden cups encrusted with the jewels
of lust.

Mama’s mouth lifted into a half-smile
with the pain of remembrance dancing on her
tongue and she said….

I suppose most women want to be like their mothers
Not me
Never wanted to be like my mama
sacrificing her peace
sacrificing her mind
just to keep a household that was stitched together in fear

I said I won’t be like my mama
who found her saviour in a tyrannical man who whipped
her mind into defeat

Never did I want to be like my mama
shrinking away
retreating into the mind for solace
but crumbling away into nothing but rubble

…I’m just like my mama…so please, don’t be like me….


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He Is……

He is the instrument that I play
with my lips blowing him until the sound
of satisfaction escapes his lips

Palm against my palm
spread wide measuring the length of our love
our noses pressed together
we smile

He is my humor in chaos
My oasis in this desert
Feeding me his unconditional love

© All rights reserved 2016