Eloquent gestures of love
Adoring the outline of your mouth
Lips made to be kissed
Lips made to be praised
I am covered in your needs
and fully immersed in your wants..

© All rights reserved 2016


Play Me….


I will sing you a song in breathless whispers
only for your ears
Sweet high notes I’ll hit for you
vibrating beneath your calloused finger tips
You’re the musician
I your guitar
I want you to strum me long
strum me soft
strum me hard
Strum out a melody soft and deliberate
hitting the highs and lows of me
swaying to your rhythm while letting you lead…..

© All rights reserved 2016


With begging eyes she wished he would tear away her clothes
like he use to do
With every fake smile, feigning she was fine
All she wanted was her nipple inside of his mouth
those hands on her neck
wanting to be breathless
to lay her head against his chest
to feel the breath of his wanting against her ear
Wanting to feel his hands across her skin, reading her like pages written
in braille
Wanting to say his name, rolling off of her tongue in broken syllables while he traced her lips with his
Once she was his church
his sanctuary
his refuge
Now she’s just his has been
If he had plunged a serrated knife into her would’ve hurt less.

© All rights reserved 2016