The what if’s are slowly killing me………10718364_10203479023510573_607678601_o

© All rights reserved 2016


It begins in the mind
the expectation of something great
Patience they say is a virtue that I’ve not mastered
Nor will I ever wait patiently in line behind other thick thighs and small waist lines
It goes deeper than that
Deserving more than what is being
or presented
You want an after dinner mint
when in fact I’m the fucking full course meal
So I’ll break the line and walk away
Expecting something greater than what was being offered—

© All rights reserved 2016

Give and Take………

Standing before me naked in total strength and vitality

I see you swelling with pride

your hand caressing the nape of my neck

Leading me to where your love flows

solid, thick and strong

My mouth speaks, but not with words—it’s all in my inflection

Leaving you weak and pleased I rest my head on the dip of your inner thigh—glowing like luminous pearls

© All rights reserved 2016