The Sum…….


the risks…..

He had starving eyes that any woman would want to feed
Wandering hands that any woman would want to feel across their naked skin

He held me there and in that moment
time no longer existed
Insanity speaking to me in hushed tones
My skin betrays me

Raising a wicked grin
His lips spoke “taste me”
Those eyes spoke “devour me”
My mind speaks, “I’m on my way”…….

© All rights reserved 2016




Drowned in vodka–covered in ashes—washed in smoke, hope had left him sometime ago.
His eyes moved past me. I imagined him staring past the stars of this universe, mesmerized by black holes spinning on reverse, lifted between the edge of time.
He, flying beyond long dead stars that still shine with light.

He finally spoke……
“I’ve drowned in others dreams, swallowed by their heaviness and their needs–shoving their wants down my throat. We’re all born naked into this world clothed with a soul uniquely ours–Live like it!

© All rights reserved 2016