Falling Stars……


She no longer wishes upon falling stars

No dreams come true for the dreamer

Masquerading as beautiful dreams they are her nightmares–

Deepest desires are never matched

They are promises that never were

Lies told to pacify the sadness of the soul

Delicate like honey suckles on summers vine… they all wilt away

She no longer believes in dreams or entertains fantasies…………

© All rights reserved 2015




There is no longer your side of the bed

Nothing to feel when my arms reach out

My legs move across feeling no resistance

The sound of your breathing doesn’t lull me to sleep

No one to hold and talk to about my dreams

You’re gone now

Perhaps it’s better that way–

© All rights reserved 2015

Play It Again…….


Stuck in my mind, scratches on vinyl
records playing–repeating
Playing those same songs
crawling towards my soul infecting me
Scratches on vinyl
Repeating this song
Play it backwards so I can hear the hidden messages
Play it again over and over
Lips stained with sins singing in my ears
still crawling towards my soul
Repeat. Play. Repeat

© All rights reserved 2015


Image courtesy of http://www.hdwyn.com

Do Not Disturb…..

Claiming what is his, 156584_369835103098284_1831535577_nhe writes his name between thighs of caramel
These thighs welcome him home as a solider returning home from battle
The sign reads do not disturb
We are waging war
I am the storm that can’t be contained
You can’t bottle this or hold it in your hand
We are a twisted beautiful mess, writing notes to a new song that our passion sings…
© All rights reserved 2015


You are a beautiful distraction from all the worries in my world
Conjure up splendid deeds that drift over this body
Scribble notes of sin across my skin in ink and smudge it with sweat
Savor the taste of me while we play out an ancient ritual since the beginning of time
wrapped up in these sheets—-where the scent of us remains—-

© All rights reserved 2015