The Garden

Cast out as a leper among men
It’s the throwing away of old things tattered and torn
A garden abandoned…….
no longer flourishes by the hand that tended to her needs
Flowers that once bloomed in vibrant and brilliant color
under the light of your sun
Giving the most beautiful fragrance,
now yields not even the sweetest of smells
Now choked out by weeds of bitterness, disdain, hopelessness and hate
I am no longer your labor of love
You have planted a new garden,
you tend and till with love and sincere devotion
She blossoms under your sun light,
she basks and drinks in your steady rain
Her harvest is plentiful,
fertilized by the love you once gave me
My garden has died, my soil is dry
It waits for a new gardener to turn it, till it, and cultivate it with his hands
Clearing away the weeds,
speaking to the new seeds he has planted in my dry soil
He will till it,turn it,
waiting for the buds to break through from the fertilized ground
Tender shoots bursting forth under his steady rain and sun light.

© All rights reserved 2015


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