Life 11063680_10205926760502468_6743587349599416217_obangs out music
On an old out of tune piano
Playing melodic music in trebles and clefs
A chorus of pain
A chorus of love
speaking to the lifeless places
Composing the strange
Composing the beautiful
You can hear the beauty behind it all…………

© All rights reserved 2015



She swam in her beauty
Weightless and flowing free
Rising in confidence
Fluid in its purpose
She knew the rippling effect as she walked…

© All rights reserved 2015


He holds secrets that she’ll never know, unless he confesses them like a snitch that can’t keep his mouth shut
Memories as if they were fond invade his mind
Truly they are bitter-sweet like blackberries plucked from the vine before they mature by hungry children who skipped breakfast
the bitterness of  his betrayel……his regrets

Unwound like a ball of yarn yet connected
One seamless piece intertwined with his DNA
Memories stored in boxes, hidden away in closets
Constant reminders
they are place holders in time….

© All rights reserved 2015

The Spider

Weaving webs of lies- spinning and quilting blankets of deceit
disguised as truth

Whispering I love you in the ears of beautiful broken messes
making promises to tear down the walls of past hurts
Of love gone wrong

He lives to praise the flesh and ravage the soul
Getting high off the transparency
of beautiful broken souls…..

© All rights reserved 2015

Starved To Death

It is blame placed high on shelves
gathering dust of unforgiveness and misunderstandings
neither wants to relent
Like Porcelain figures sitting high
Speak no evil
Hear no evil
See no evil
Two people entangled in a completed dance on the head of a needle

Starvation by silence
Starvation by arrogance
Starvation by stubbornness
Starvation of affection
The relationship dies…..destroyed by pride

© All rights reserved 2015